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I´m Gareth, a British photographer based in Playa del Carmen and Cancún.

Las Puertas de Bucareli

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Photography is not just my profession, but it is my very life blood and passion. It is through this imagery I try to visually portray a sense of being and emotion whilst capturing thought provocative moments in time. With wedding photography, I seek to preserve magical moments, that the newlywed couple can treasure, reminisce about and share over years to come. Being able to capture the special occasion behind the lens is a very rewarding gift for myself and the happy couple.

My aim in commercial photography is to take photos with a "WOW!" factor that exceed the expectations of the most exigent client.

My profession aside, I am an adventurer at heart who loves to travel yet still, I have many more places I would like to see, a music lover, explorer of nature, outdoor activity enthusiast, and... of course, photography fanatic.

I am a firm believer that everyone deserves an opportunity to excel in this life, regardless of their circumstances or background. However, the real challenge is in providing a gateway to a brighter future for communities such as those living in extreme poverty, which are often neglected.

Some of the photographic work I have done, working as a volunteer with NGOs in diverse and volatile environments in Latin America, has allowed me to convey a need for resource in these communities and bring their suffering to the world stage, by exhibiting my work in Stuttgart, Germany and New York. I am extremely honored for this opportunity, both as an artist and humanitarian.

A special thank you for visiting my page, and taking the time to read about me, if you would like to know how my photography can be adapted to your requirements and how we can work together, then please contact me.

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