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Engagement Shoot in the Riviera Maya

Beach Engagement shoot Punta Mita

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Casual Photo Shoot

A casual photo shoot generally falls into 1 of 3 categories:

1. Engagement Shoot (Save the Date)

Your partner has just popped you the question, you said yes! And, you are both overwhelmed with emotion and on holiday in Playa del Carmen, Cancún or any place in México, and looking for a symbolic memory to share with your friends and family, of your time in this beautiful beach paradise.

2. Honeymoon Shoot

You have recently got married in Mexico or in your home country and on your Honeymoon in the Riviera Maya and you would like some professional photos taken of you both to add to your wedding collection.

Engagement Shoot Riviera Nayarit

3. Surprise Proposal Shoot

You have spent the last 3 months, 6 months or 1 year planning on proposing to your partner in a secluded yet beautiful location on the beach, with pristine white sands and turquoise waters around you. You would like some professional photos taken of the occasion, in an unsuspecting manner, so you can both relive the moment you ask for your partners hand in marriage, time and time again.

Why not organize a casual and fun photo session on the beach to mark the occasion? A shoot in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum can accommodate everyone’s tastes from beautiful and romantic beaches to lavish nature to rustic environments.

It´s not only a fun opportunity to get some professional photos of your holiday in the Riviera Maya, but also gives you the chance to see areas that perhaps you haven´t seen before.

Professional Underwater Photos

Feeling adventurous? You can explore the clear waters of an underwater cave and allow us to take romantic photos of you both under the water. The possibilities are endless!

We will direct you in a fun and professional manner that gets the most camera shy of people feel comfortable. Casual photo sessions can last anything from 1 hour to an entire day, should you wish to. You the client stipulates the amount of time we spent shooting you.

Contact me today via email, phone or WhatsApp for a "no obligation to commit" chat about your requirements and how we can make your stay in the Riviera Maya more memorable


cel: +52 (1) 55 3501 4322

cel: +52 (1) 984 119 5110

Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City and Surrounding Areas also available.

Sesión de Compromiso Adriana + Jorge
Sesión de Compromiso Adriana + Jorge
Save the Date Session, Dani + Uli
Sesión de Compromiso Adriana + Jorge
Save the Date Session, Dani + Uli
Save the Date Session, Dani + Uli
Save the Date Session, Dani + Uli
Sesion de Save the Date, Lu + Goyo
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