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Sunday, 21st August 2016

How to Paint the Mexican Flag on your Face in Photoshop

Displacement Maps (o mapas de desplazamiento en español) are one of the oldest filters in Adobe Photoshop and it is a filter that is still employed by Photoshop CC (as of August 2016). 

In this beginners English video tutorial (con subtitulos en español) I aim to help you overcome some of the frustrations you may encounter in using the Displacement Map Filter, as I talk you through an example combining the use of a simple vector image (the Mexican National Flag), a photograph and the Displacement Map Filter to create the digital effect of a flag being painted on your face.

The possibilities using this marvellous Photoshop filter to apply textures to photographs are unlimited, its a question of experimentation and application. There are multiple textures available for free download on textures.com and other websites that can be put to good use for a similar effect. Alternatively, photograph your own textures from everyday surroundings that can be used as Displacement Maps in Photoshop.

Level : Beginner
Language : English (with Spanish Subtitles)

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